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Final Year Project
Skills: MEAN Stack, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping (

Redesigning and building a online learning platform that promotes student engagement. (Still in progress...)

As more learning goes offline, how might we create a digital platform to involve students more? In this year long project, iterations of solutions will be continuously tested out. The ultimate aim is to design a platform that improves engagement between students and lecturers.


User interviews and observations were conducted to understand how students interacted with digital materials. Problems were identified and solutions were brainstormed.


For the different solutions brainstormed, prototypes were built on, and user tests were carried out to test functionalities and user responses. The user tests helped provide direction in identifying solutions that would promote studnet interaction.

Still in progress

As the project continues, there will be more iterations of the product, and the fidelity will increase as well. Through this iterative process, I will be able to gather more insights on ways to promote student engagement on digital platforms.

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